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Introducing Lance Rebetzke …

Here’s 7 Important Things You Should Know About Lance and How He Can Assist You…

Want BIG Vision; then try this; my mission is to arrange plans and help to ensure that business owners, who believe that their business is their retirement plan, will in fact retire with the funds they need to continue a satisfactory lifestyle. This is my vision and as I speak to clients in my Enthusiastic and  Enjoyable style, I take another step toward my goal.

He has a commercial background in the corporate sector of 2 of the major banks, Commonwealth and National, ranging from SME to the Multi National level. His corporate background has allowed an insight into how businesses make the transition from growth to maturity. 

He has had 40 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry which means that you are working with someone who has been part of many deals and business operations. 

He will focus on Business Planning with the emphasis on ensuring all Businesses have an exit strategy. He holds a Certificate from The Exit Planning Institute. 

Recently moved from Brisbane to Adelaide with the family, and believes that this is an opportunity for Local Business to benefit from his experiences.

In recent times while implementing a plan for a corporate business he was instrumental in providing information and advice that not only saved the owner’s business but also his life. Something that a lot of people were very grateful for.

Lance has been a Queensland Justice of the Peace for 25 years.